Fresh-Mex Redefined!

Rich and I are truly having to get re-acquainted with many of our local spots. It is a fun experience when you go somewhere you just hadn’t been to in a while. Sometimes you go somewhere and for one reason or another you write off the place. You get turned off and  forget about its existence. We’re understanding enough to not burn a bridge for others, our experience on one occasion may not be what’s experienced by others at another occasion.

La Casa Sonoma Downtown entrance

La Casa in downtown Sonoma is one of those places where we were recently very pleasantly surprised to have found that our past experiences of overly salty and non-authentic-tasting cooking, are precisely that…a thing of the past! Being from where Mexican food is born doesn’t make it easy on any establishment from this side of the border, specially if you also are very budget mindful. I mean, who wants to pay way over average pricing for a huge tamal that is nothing but masa? Leaving you wondering ‘where’s the meat?’ is only a good thing if you’re a vegan.

La Casa Sonoma Downtown Carnitas
Carnitas served on sautéed fajitas of bell pepper and onion with a chile jalapeño toreado!

La Casa has gone from owner to owner but in the best way possible, as it is in the present the best version of it! If you’re a meat eater, get the fajitas, the carnitas, or even the house salad with steak or their taco salad. Actually, they have a lot of meat plates, I just basically mention those I got to taste and witness right on my table…as some of the best smelling, looking, sounding (that sizzle!) and tasting dishes I’ve gotten to enjoy personally and thoroughly vicariously as well through those right at our table. YUM!!!! Ok… I digress…

La casa mixes it right, it has a nice atmosphere inside and a couple of areas for a little separation for a group indoors with the historic Sonoma Mission and Barracks in plain sight.  And when the weather permits, the evenings are a great time to enjoy dinner freshly prepared, really fresh tasting and flavorful, have a couple of mixed drinks, and have a nice time.

La Casa Sonoma Downtown Patio
Outside Patio at La Casa.

So again, get the fajitas, if you’re doing Keto, tell them to swap the beans, rice and tortillas for simply… more bell peppers and onions! I did that, and can’t wait to go back and having that again!

La Casa Steak Fajitas
La Casa Steak Fajitas

Don’t wait long, let’s hope they don’t go changing owners again, can we keep these??? Come on over to enjoy the improved La Casa, as they go on redefining the meaning of Fresh-Mex.

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