Hare & Hatter Sausage Emporium

Richard and I have the tendency to go repeatedly to places where we’ve tasted something really good, different and where our buck got either stretched or treated with some respect. The Hare & Hatter Sausage Emporium is just about to become one of our favorite ones.

Best dogs and sausages in Sonoma Valley. Plus: Any sandwich in menu…can be magically turned into an amazing salad for us low-carb / keto foodies!

The Big and Juicy Grape is within walking & pedaling distance to the Historic Sonoma Plaza. We’re just under 3 miles away from it, with sidewalks, bike lanes and bike paths from right outside our complex’ private driveway, you can walk or bike your way to the Hare & Hatter, get yourself a delicious meal, drink some cold Vietnamese coffee, then work it off on your way back.

Last Sunday Rich and I went over for the first time ever. We got us the breakfast platter and the pizza. We sat right outside their place next to the fountain in the courtyard where they are located known as El Paseo while also enjoying some sweet Vietnamese coffee. Now, our review?? It was so good, we went back the same day later on for seconds…and we didn’t know they closed at 4:00PM…(Insert extra sad face here!) When something is good enough to make you go back …THE SAME DAY…for more, that’s when you know you got something special.

Seriously…look at this thing! Hare & Hatter are within pedaling distance from The Big and Juicy Grape. Stay with us, eat with them, sleep with the Grape…. you know you wan to!
Flat bread sausage pizza with greens? Flavorful combination! You’ll work it off on your jog back to our guest house. Not kidding, The Big and Juicy Grape is under 3 miles from the plaza and is all sidewalks and bike lanes…

For more information on the addicting Hare & Hatter Sausage Emporium visit: http://harehatter.com/

Come spend more than a few days in this beautiful Valley of the Moon, don’t spend a small fortune in lodging, instead, get a private and memorably comfortable stay affordably at The Big and Juicy Grape.

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