White Fang was in Theatres

When I first got to California in the 1990’s, one of Richard’s first places to take me was Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen. We took the kids for an entire day of exploring. The park offers docent led tours, hikes, excursions, yoga classes and horseback rides. I can tell you that in spite the fact that when we went we didn’t plan nor reserve our spots to do any of those things… we had an absolute blast and talk about a day of discovery to remember!


The Park is about 5.5 miles away from The Big and Juicy Grape. It is 1400 acres in size  and contains 30 miles of maintained trails. This is a very special place as it contains a large variety of flora and the parks department makes a great effort in keeping activities available throughout the year. Do not miss out on this gem of historic, literature, educational and family fun value! I could not afford to leave Good Ol’ Jack out of our recommendations for where to go and what to do in Sonoma Valley.

For more information on Jack London State Park: http://www.jacklondonpark.com/index.html

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