Healing Waters and Fun

At The Big and Juicy Grape Richard and I try to always think of tips for places and events to go which would appeal to folks like us, adventurers who are looking to discover what’s unique about our area without breaking the bank.

Sonoma Valley is well known for the healing properties of its mineral water pools which are found outside of the old county seat in actuality. The highly priced and up-scaled Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn is in reality located in Boyes Hot Springs, The Sonoma Aquatic Club is right on “the border” between Fetter Hot Springs and Agua Caliente, and Morton’s Warm Springs is in, our neighbors to the northwest, Glen Ellen.

As the kids were growing, we had the fortune to utilize both Morton’s Warm Springs when they were owned and ran by the Mortons, and the Agua Caliente Swimming Pool (The Sonoma Aquatic Club) when they were owned and ran by the Vailettis, whose name names the street on which the club is. Even back then the Sonoma Mission Inn was already way too out of reach for us locals.

Though hands have changed, and admission fees as well, The Sonoma Aquatic Club, which is a few steps away from The Big and Juicy Grape, opened day passes so one can still take advantage of its healing waters without having to commit to the full blown membership. This place is year round, day pass grants access to entire property, you can enjoy an entire day of swimming and poolside fun, spa and fitness center, then comeback to rest and relax at The Big and Juicy Grape. This is the reason why the Sonoma Aquatic Club made it in to our recommendations section.


For more information on Sonoma Aquatic Club: http://www.sonomaaquaticclub.com/

Morton’s Warm Springs has gone through historic changes over the last couple of…centuries, but the only changes it has gone through since the last 70+ years have been that of ownership. Think that has done away with the original essence of Morton’s Warm Springs Resort from back mid-century times? Think again. The community around Morton’s has been finally backed by the county authorities and succeeded at getting them to issue a resolution to limit Morton’s exact use to that of its 1950’s and 60’s times. So Morton’s has been frozen in time in it’s mid-century roots while remaining, for now, protected from potential development into another pricey tourist spa destination. Many love Morton’s as a time-honored tradition and a tranquil and affordable place to enjoy the Sonoma summertime outdoors, and that includes us. Morton’s also has day passes, they aren’t year round, but the season is May thru September. The Big and Juicy Grape is only 9 miles away from Morton’s.



For more information on Morton’s Warm Springs Resort: http://mortonswarmsprings.com/

 Come spend more than a few days in this beautiful Valley of the Moon, don’t spend a small fortune in lodging, instead, get a private and memorably comfortable stay affordably at The Big and Juicy Grape.

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