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The Sonoma Valley Regional Park is located just minutes away from The Big and Juicy Grape. It is on Sonoma Highway (SR 12) going towards Santa Rosa.

Rich and I were walking the mile and half paved trail which runs from highway 12 back to Glen Ellen’s side of Arnold Drive on Sunday October 8th of last year. The magnificence of the park’s beauty, the layout, all the multiple trails that seemed to lead you to paths to unknown little places of wonder and discovery, the greenery and the great views; mixed in our minds with full-on contemplation and life meditation thoughts. We felt the wind surged from the east and made the casual comment -“Doesn’t it feel like something’s coming?”

Sonoma Valley Regional Park sign immediately after the October 2017 firestorm.

The park experienced great damage during the fires which engulfed the area pre-dawn of October 9th for the following 10 days, but nature’s making its best effort to prove she’s the fighter she is and life has been springing incrementally covering almost everything with green.

I am a green commuter, I utilize public transit and am 100% pedestrian. As such I am always fortunate to be able to actually look out the window of the Sonoma – Santa Rosa 30 bus, and I can’t help but try and absorb as much hope as I can from the beauty I see on both sides of the road. The Sonoma Valley Regional Park area today still shows some blackened trunks on its trees, but I am always surprised at the new leaves which come out of those same trees showing how alive they still are.

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The paved trail is fully accessible for people utilizing wheel chairs or scooters, slopes are gentle enough, but your choices for trails are present and some prove to be challenging. Park allows dogs, horses, and bicyclists. There are picnic areas, a small yet beautiful reservoir and a green grass fenced-in area for friendly dogs to play without a leash.

Sonoma Valley Regional Park paved trail. Our Guesthouse in Sonoma Valley The Big and Juicy Grape is only 3 miles away from this park.

Photo of Sonoma Valley Regional Park - Glen Ellen, CA, United States

The Big and Juicy Grape is only 3 miles away from this beautiful park. It’s a 5 minute drive away, but you can walk, jog, bicycle or ride the bus there as well. The road is mainly a 2 lane road with some turning lanes in between, in spite the fact that we do see people walking, jogging and bicycling our scenic route on a regular basis, we recommend to exercise plenty of caution as there are areas with no shoulder.

For information on the park: http://parks.sonomacounty.ca.gov/Visit/Sonoma-Valley-Regional-Park/

Come spend more than a few days in this beautiful Valley of the Moon, don’t spend a small fortune in lodging, instead, get a private and memorably comfortable stay affordably at The Big and Juicy Grape.


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